background_1_copia(1).jpg (3453 byte)
     ONE SEAT :
    u18.gif (166 byte) DUNE KING 150cc
    u18.gif (166 byte) DUNE KING 250cc

     DUAL SEAT :
   u12.gif (166 byte)  VIKING 150cc

      u14.gif (168 byte) DRAGON 150cc
    u12.gif (166 byte) VIKING 250cc
u16.gif (166 byte) WRC 250cc
    u12.gif (166 byte) RIBEL 250cc
    u14.gif (168 byte) HEAGLE 250cc

     4 SEAT :
    u16.gif (166 byte) JUMBOKART 150cc



The UTILITY vehicles are so called thanks to their versatility in using and very low cost.  Easiness in driving is the main feature of these vehicles ; moreover, one, two or four passengers may take a seat on them , so that excursions , mountain trips or courses not much covering on foot will be appreciated.
Thanks to a minimum investment (easily recoverable), any outdoor activity (for example agricultural tourism) can offer to its own customers an unusual entertainment suitable for any age.

               DUNE KING 150cc            DUNE KING 150cc                       WRC 250cc                

DRAGON 150cc                       VIKING 250cc                VIKING 150cc  

  HEAGLE 150cc                       RIBEL 250cc                JUMBOKART 150cc