Fresa miniescavatore

Thanks to their reduced size, the Compact in Line Cutting Units F.P.C. , may be assembled and disassembled from the minidigger as a common bucket.
The cutting units
F.P.C. range are simple; no skilled labour or maintenance are necessary, except for the oil change.
The hydraulic motor, which transmits a rotational movement to the cutting heads, may be connected with the foreseen breaking hammer system via the same pipelines located on any minidigger.
The cutting unit may be fitted on the minidigger with an angle of rotation of 90° in respect to its arm, so that it allows to carry out very narrow drain pipes or cuttings up to 300 mm.

  Fresa miniescavatore

Thanks to its practicality in assembling and to the reduced cost, the cutting unit F.R.C. may be considered an option to be used in place of bucket, breaking hammer, ripper, etc., then of considerable help for any minidigger, which can enlarge its operating field.
It has the merit of functioning with low noise emission; this equipment is suitable where the breaking hammers are too much noisy.

F.P.C. Compact in Line Cutting Units may be used for :
Fresa miniescavatore  

Tunnelling excavation ( in reduced size tunnels );
Scraping of damaged surfaces to be restored (under passes, basements, garages, drains );
Foundations (when the hardness of material to be excavated doesn’t allow to use the bucket);
Carrying out of cuttings or drain pipes ;
Cutting asphalted surfaces;
Partial or complete demolition ;
Removal of very compact ground.

  Fresa miniescavatore

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