The Crawler shovel P.C.R. 50 operating by remote control manufactured from COSTRUZIONE MACCHINE MARCONI is powerful, compact, silent and suitable to work in very hard conditions. The machine can be used in several fields: In the iron and steel field, where the P.C.R. 50 has been utilizing for the gathering of the incandescent scum that come off the crucible. In the public construction field, where it can be used in both open job site than tunnels.

Pala radiocomandata cingolata
Pala radiocomandata cingolata



The particular body design of the P.C.R. 50 gives outstanding features at that small machine for the movement earth:
• Robustness of the whole body machine;
• High loading capacity of the bucket;
• Easy driving in the job operations;
• Capability to work on grounds with water up to 60 centimetres.


The machine P.C.R. 50 has been designed for working in very high temperature surfaces and in a small ambient; for this reason it is equipped with a remote control and than the machine can operate safety in high risk situations that can give injuries to people and building.
The main features of this crawler shovel are: Steel crawler designed with the driving wheel in up position to protect the geared motor from the high temperature and red-hot materials; Driving system operating both by remote control and manually;
- Small size dimensions;
- Fireproof hydraulic fluid;
- Developed cooling system of the diesel engine;
- Heat exchanger for cooling the hydraulic oil;
- Instrument to signal damages

Pala radiocomandata cingolata
Pala radiocomandata cingolata    Pala radiocomandata cingolata